Hey everyone!! So I am back. This would be a different post compared to what I usually do since this is not a review, but some reasons why Illuminae must be picked up by you next OR I WILL STAB YOU. Also we have some fun things and a tutorialΒ  after the reasons thing so WE SHALL BEGIN. (FYI here is my Goodreads review. Also come become my friend.)

I read Illuminae in one day, and holy fuck it is so worth the hype. I was sceptical getting into it but it WAS SO SO SO WORTH IT. The only problem I had was with the heavy sci-fi language and I was confused at times, BUT WHATEVER. I love this book so much.

1.) IT IS FAST PACED- It just takes like 50 pages to get into, starts with a bang and is a freaking rollercoaster.Β  It is indeed 600 pages long but you will finish it in no time πŸ™‚

2.) PERFECT TO KILL THE SLUMP- If you are in a bookish slump, then definitely try it out. I was in a huge slump myself but this book cured that.Β  (update- I read two books after my slump was killed but now I am again in one. I HATE SLUMPS SO SO MUCH.)People advise you to read a contemporary but I suggest you to read this book. Thank me later, okay??

3.) UNIQUE FORMAT- It has files from CCTV footages, text IMs, emails, interviews, all sorts of graphical stuff which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. The thing is that this makes it really different from other books. IT IS JUST SO FREAKING UNIQUE. Also, there is binary code from Aidan’s data that translates INTO ACTUAL MESSAGES. LIKE WHO EVEN THINKS THAT??Β (I got to know this from ThoughtsOnTomes’s spoilery review.)

4.) JOKES EVERYWHERE- I personally love humorous and funny books more than anything, so I was sooo happy with all the jokes! The chats between James and Ezra were my favourites.

5.) A REALISTIC ROMANCE- You know what I hate in fantasy and sci-fi? there is a huge problem (kinda) going on, but all the characters are interested inΒ  romance and just keep thinking about the LOVE INTEREST. Sorry, but this bugs me. For Kady and Ezra, they are all what they have for each other! Also, since they were in a relationship in the past, it avoids the falling in love trope.

6.) PSYCHOPATH AI AKA AIDAN- How do you develop an AI’s character? Believe meΒ  or not, it is done in this book. Really, I do not have much to say. I love everything about AIDAN, from when he calls humans ‘meat’ to when he converses with Kady.

7.) THOSE PLOT TWISTS- My mouth is currently sealed since NO SPOILERS. Also, the only plot twists that can match this book are from Lady Midnight. If you tell me you predicted either this book’s or the other one’s plot twists, then you are 100% lying.

8.) AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER- I laughed. I laughed some more. I fullΒ on ugly cried at least three times in the whole book. And I do not cry in books. Something utterly devastating needs to happen for me to cry in a book. Plus, brace yourself for some character deaths you would not be able to predict. I am not really spoiling you since there are a ton of characters in this story.

SO THAT IS IT! Also, here are some quotes I designed on my iPad with using Piccollage.






So I got this idea a few days back and did it for Illuminae. Since my memory is fantastic, I forgot to take pictures. Ahem. But I did take pictures for the Gemina one.


Today we are making the Gemina one!!

Stuff needed-

Acrylic Paints- You can choose any medium you like BUT REMEMBER THAT IT HAS TO BE PAINTS. Unless that, you won’t be able to make this.

Flat Paintbrushes+ Round ones too (Choose the size you can work with the best. Be sure to not take a huge one since it wouldΒ be really tough then)

A steel bowl or a steel plate- NEVER EVER USE ACRYLIC PAINTS ON PLASTIC PALETTES, as they stick on it and never remove. So unless you want to ruin everything, use a plate and a bowl made of a bowl. (You can use gold if you like, if you are that rich. Kidding. DO NOT USE GOLD)

And lastly, a piece of thick paper.



1.) Firstly, draw a box or something of that sort which will act like a boundary.

Sorry, but my geometry skills aren’t the best out there.

2.) Now use your flat paintbrush as a stamp. What I am telling you is to dip it in the paint and then just press it onto the paper. Remember to use different colours (in this case, different shades of blue)Β since if you use only one colour, you won’t be able to get the desirable effect.

These are the shades I used. You cannot really see them because of the lighting, but they are indeed shades of blue.
That is how you do it.

Then just fill the spaces with the different colours and do it in the method given.


Then the final thing is you write the text onto it using paints! Do not worry, if you aren’t good with paints, you can totally use a white marker pen instead!


this is done! This was how mine turned out. Feel free to experiment!!

Hope you understood something in this tutorial. I am not the best person for artistic stuff out there, but hey, I try.

So tell me- Have you read Illuminae? Did you like it? What do you think of my art skills and my graphic designing skills??



  1. Yay! You’re back! Sooo, I haven’t read this yet *runs from stabbing*. It does sound good though and I’m definitely going to push it up the TBR a bit. My 2016 is already pretty scheduled though, so maybe next year?? We’ll have to see how the reading goes the rest of this month although with holidays coming up etc…. Yeah. Hopefully I’ll still make some good reading time.

    Cool post format and I love the art – I am soooooooo not artistic AT ALL so I would completely botch your step by step instructions even as simply as they sound.. 😨

    Do you bookstagram? I don’t even know why my blog is on Instagram really – more to look at everyone else’s pretty pictures than anything else. πŸ˜‚ Also – cool quotes!


    1. *urges you to go away or else stabbing* My reading goal for this year is 110 and I have read 104 books. Also, there are some books which I haven’t marked as read on Goodreads, so my goal would be easily completed. And do not have any more plans to read anything this year as I am in a horrible slump.What I am suggesting you is that you can binge read the whole trilogy when the last book comes out next year! I am on Instagram but I deleted the app because idk why it was not opening. I have posted like 3 bookstagrams though. also, there are just lots of selfies.


  2. Oh my, these are such beautiful photos! I’m sooooo impressed.
    By the way. The comment notification on my blog seems to not be working (did you get a notification that I replied?), so I came to your blog manually to tell you that YOU’VE GOT A REPLY xD hahaha. Incredible.

    I’m going to read Illuminae soon, but I have it in kindle form. People say it might not work so well. But I can’t get the actual print one where I live, so I hope I still like it just as you did.


    1. Thank you so much!! ❀
      Idk why your blog notifications are not working, but when you commented I got the notification.
      No no no. DO NOT listen to those people. I read mine on my iPad and it was alright with the graphical stuff. Where I live I can't get YA books too but I order everything on Amazon. Maybe you could order online!


      1. Oh you got the notification πŸ™‚ that’s great! I’m glad. Maybe it works for some people. That’s not so bad then. Yeah, I also can’t get paper books, I order my ebooks on Amazon though. Paper book shipping prices would be crazy. I would pay 3 times more for the shipping than the book πŸ˜€


  3. Love your artwork! It’s prettyyy
    Today I received the Illuminae book I ordered and OMG it’s so much more gorgeous in real life!! It’s now sitting on my bookshelve and I keep getting distracted cause I want to stare at it’s cover
    And now I’m even more excited to read it, cause you told some really good reasons to!

    Just sent you a friend request on Goodreads πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you so much! I accepted your request! Hehe. I know it is SOOO BEAUTIFUL. I read it on ebook as I had no money (lol and ebooks are cheaper) BUT I AM GOING TO BUY THE PHYSICAL COPY SOON. Maybe one month from today as it is my birthday? I am going to beg my parents immediately.


  4. I know, I know, I MUST read Illuminae! I promise it’s on my TBR, I just… haven’t gotten to it yet. But I definitely will πŸ™‚ Also, I love your artwork! I’m not very artsy myself, but thanks for the tutorial.


  5. I haven’t read it yet (MOSTLY BECAUSE I’M POOR AND STILL HAVE SO MANY BOOKS ON MY WISHLIST) But I want toooooo it sounds so amazing even though I haven’t read the blurb (always skip over those πŸ™ˆ) so I AM #ANTICIPATE!


  6. I love loved the format, but I don’t think I managed to get past page 100? I have no idea why. I mean true, I’m not that big a fan of sci fi, but I really expected to love this! Also, your arts kills ❀


    1. Thank you. Oh I am so sorry that you couldn’t read it. The sci-fi was really confusing too, this is one of the main reasons I avoid sci-fi in the first place. Anyways, hope you will pick it up again and enjoy it as much as I did πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  7. YES TO ALL OF THIS. I completely agree with everything you’ve said – this is such an amazing book and I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❀


  8. HI!! I read this last year, although I can’t say I loved it. I kind of felt like despite the unique format the character development just couldn’t happen in that kind of book. And I was often quite confused, so I don’t know. I still want to read Gemina though so I guess that means I’m just confused. ??!!! <- accurate depiction of my feelings


  9. Illuminae is FANTASTIC, isn’t it?
    I still remember how amazing it was the first time I read it back in 2015… (:
    Gemina was amazing, too. I flew through it and couldn’t put it down until I finished. It wasn’t *as* amazing as Illuminae (in my opinion), but it had its own greatness.

    I love your art. I also absolutely love your graphic designing skills. Seriously, they were the first thing I saw when I entered your blog and they simply drew me it.
    I love your photograph. They are truly amazing πŸ˜€
    Keep it up! I can’t wait to see more!

    Happy new year!
    I hope you’ll have a great 2017! (:

    My blog:


    1. YES ILLUMINAE IS GREAT. Many people are urging me read Gemina, so I will soon πŸ™‚
      AND THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG AREN’T YOU THE SWEETEST. I put so much hard work in all this and you people like it so ❀ ❀
      Thanks for visiting!


  10. Oooh I love AIDAN so much hahaha :’) After he came into the “picture”, I read the rest of the book in one night. Trying to get my sister to read it (she’s a Star Wars Rebel fan so I told her it’s in space and one of the main characters is named Ezra) but gotta show her this as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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