Hey everyone! I am so so sorry that I did not post anything these days but I have a reason for everything and it is quite serious. Anyways, firstly I will get done with this and then tell you.

These days quite a lot of people have blogs, but really do they click their own photos? Mostly people just take the book image and then use that it in their post. I am not forcing you to do what I say, but I have some reasons why you should consider a little photography! (even if you read this post and then cannot photograph anything, it is okay! I would not kill you, promise)

Oh and btw, that photo above was THE FIRST one of books that I clicked and I am really proud of it!

*drum roll*



You know, I often get jealous of how other people click their photos, I mean IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT CAN I REALLY DO? You have to 100% agree on this, Bookstagram is one of the most beautiful things in the universe.


fangirl-editI am quite an emotional person and get sad, angry, happy, etc. really easily. It is only books and how beautiful they are which makes me move forward in life. It sounds really cliché, but I do not know where I would be today without   books.

When I feel really bad, I always look at my bookshelf and even take some books out, make a huge mess, and photograph everything because it makes me cheerful immediately.


hans-ca-editIf I go back and look at the photos I clicked like six months ago and compare them to the ones I click now, I would definitely note a drastic change. It is not like that I photograph on a daily basis, I just do it when I am free. Even my mom who knows NOTHING about photography, told me that I have improved.


cohf-editYou know what is glorious? Not dealing with copyright issues. Since the photo belongs to you, you can use it however you like! NO ONE CAN QUESTION YOU!


If you give me pics clicked by people I stalk everyday, I would easily tell you which one is whose. Also, everyone has their distinctive style and just like no two people look alike, no two people have the same talent and style. This also helps in your promotion as people can easily know who you are.

I apologize since this was a really short post. But anyways, I never even told you all why I was so infrequent at the starting of November too. Actually I had binge-watched too much that my data finished (lol) Also, I had too many tests, homework, etc (totally normal if you go to school) So that was that.

And I have been trying to post something since so long, but I had injured my right foot three weeks ago. it was a really deep cut and still hasn’t completely healed. I felt slightly better on Friday so went for cycling. Then I dunno how I fell and injured THE SAME FOOT. but now it is in the middle of the foot and it pains so much that I cry out even while slightly moving my foot. IT IS JUST ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. For the whole weekend, I was in bed  have my Maths test on Wednesday, and I haven’t even prepared anything due to my foot.

Next month is my birthday (on 19th December!!) so I promise I will be really frequent in December. Also, I have some really fun posts planned so IT WOULD BE GREAT HAHA.

I also watched Fantastic Beasts last Sunday and have been waiting so long to post my review, but I am waiting for my screenplay to ship so I can click a cool photo SINCE THAT COVER IS FREAKING GORGEOUS.

I really think I owe an explanation to you all, since you are my friends (atleast I consider you my friend) and thank you for sticking with me even in the toughest of times. 🙂


38 thoughts on “CLICK YOUR OWN PHOTOS!!

  1. Great post! It’s definitely so much better if you can use your own pictures on the blog. It looks so much nicer. I’m still working on my own photography skills though 🙂 A downside is that you need a lot of physical copies. I’m trying to read more ebooks lately and that means I do have less material for pictures.
    Also, sorry you’ve been in so much pain with your foot! Hope you’ll get better soon!

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  2. Wonderful post! 😀 I also love to take my own photos for every blog posts I write (plus I also do bookstagram) and yessss it’s fun and pretty and I can style it however I want, meanwhile with stock photos it’s hard to find one that really suits my style. I’m not against it though there was times I use them before I really got into book photography 😛 buuuut the thing is sometimes I don’t have time to take the picture but I have to post the review! I can’t post it because then there will be no pictures :’) so I always try to take pictures right before I even read them… for pre cautions hahaha


    1. Thanks😉 when I first started blogging, I also used book covers and stock photos only but now I mostly click my own photos. When I have done everything and realise that I forgot to click the photograph, I just abandon everything and then go to GET THAT PHOTO DONE.
      Thank you for visiting😊

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  3. I love the idea of taking my own photos – however since I live in China 99.5% of my books are ebooks. Sadly taking a picture of my kindle doesn’t have quite the same effect… maybe I’m just making excuses lol. But I agree people can do amazing things. So many beautiful bookstagrams! Great post!

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    1. Bookstagram is the best!! B) Yes, I know it is a problem to take pictures of your e-reader, but I try. I do not have the biggest physical book collection, but again I try. 😦 Hopefully we will get a million bookstores with all the books free of cost in our country! XD Thank you for visiting 🙂


  4. I never think that way. Thanks for sharing. I have watched Fantastic Beasts,too and just bought the book yesterday. I postponed write the movie review too *high five* I hope I will write review too asap. Hope your book will come soon 🙂


  5. I totally agree that using your own photos is BEST. *nods sagely* The best part, I think, is developing your own style/look. Like it can take time, but it’s sooo worth it. And my first photos were HORRIBLE but I gradually got better!! And not-accidentally-stealing photos is grand too.😂 It’s always a worry to accidentally plagiaries and it’s a bother to keep asking permission to use photos SO YEAH. TAKING YOUR OWN IS BEST!

    But omg I hope your foot gets better soon. D:


    1. Yes! It gives you all of the freedom in the world because THAT THING BELONGS TO YOU. I agree with absolutely everything you say! And YOU HAVE BEEN BLOGGING FOR YEARS so your photos have improved a lot and of course if you look at my first photos and now, you would see a drastic change. Also, your origami gives me life. Seriously how do you do it??


  6. YES to all the reasons above!! I learned so much from taking my own photos, and I especially agree with reasons number 4 and 3. Hope your foot gets better!


  7. I see what you mean about clicking own photos! I’ve always uploaded my own photos for Instagram but very rarely do I use them on the blog. I agree that they increase the photography skills 🙂 Will certainly be taking a lot of photos in December as the weather here is beautiful ❤

    Also I hope you feel better! That sounds really painful! 😦 I really hope you feel better soon what with your birthday coming and all! And advance Happy Birthday ! 😀

    And as for the BlockQuote you'd asked about, if you see my reviews, the blurb is put in a different colored box like feature. that is a blockquote.. There are many styles of blockquote but this is the simplest one 🙂 It requires a little editing in the HTML part of the posts!


    That is the HTML code for it. I dunno how it works for WordPress but if HTML coding is allowed, then this code should do the trick. 🙂 you can also change the colour if you want!


    1. Haha thank you much!! It is starting to get cold in Delhi… You live in India, right? And HTML totally works for WordPress. Actually I learnt HTML in school (not the fancy variety, just basics) so am surprised that I do not know that hehe. You are so sweet and your comment made my day 🙂 Thank you for stopping by 🙂


      1. Oh my god..I’m so sorry but I just realized the HTML isn’t even showing!!! Here it is – {{{{

        Your text here

        }}}} minus the {{{{ things 😛 I hope the code shows up now and not just the interpretation!And yes I live in India 🙂 Chennai though 🙂 It’s raining a lot here because of a passing storm in the Bay of Bengal.. And thank you 🙂 That’s really sweet of you to say 😀


  8. I’ve tried taking my own photos, but there are a few reasons I can’t do that. One is that 95% of my books are ebooks. Not much picture taking opportunities there. Second, the ones I do have in paper form are not in English. So the covers won’t be recognizable and the book names would not even be understandable. Third, I just suuuuuck at photography :/ I will usually find a way to take a picture that looks bad, and nope – it does not make my mood better, it makes it worse D:

    I do, however, make my own collages (I mean put together pictures on photoshop). But those are not photos, just pictures.

    Sorry about your foot :/ and Fantastic Beasts rocked!


    1. Yeah FANTASTIC BEASTS WAS FANTASTIC!! And thank you!! I know ebooks just suck basically, it is so hard to photograph them… I don’t really read in Hindi (and YA books aren’t translated, dunno why) so that’s the reason most of my physical books are in English!!


      1. I suppose they just think young people will read them in English, maybe? Especially because (correct me if I’m wrong?) a lot of Indian people can talk English well, can’t they?

        Where do you buy the English books? Or can you buy them locally? 🙂

        For me, yeah, taking pics of ebooks is probably not going to happen 😀 but I do enjoy ebooks themselves. There are a few great things about them – for example, the fact that you don’t have to wait for it to arrive! That’s awesome. You can just read right away. Also the fact that it takes up no space in your home 🙂 I live in two homes currently (with my mom and with my boyfriend), so travelling with actual physical books back and forth would be so annoying. Yet in my reader I have such a big choice of books and they’re all just a tap of a finger away 🙂
        By the way, I also read mostly in English, at least when it comes to ebooks.


  9. Prabhleen! I’m so sorry to hear about your foot 😦 I hope you’re feeling much better now! I’ve missed our online chats!

    If I read physical books I would TOTALLY be doing bookstagram… ALAS! With my travelling and general hoarding tendencies eBooks just work out better overall. 😦 When I get a chance I will click me some pics though… I could make something happen. 🙂

    I love your post and hope to see more of you now that I’m back! Hope you’re having a good week.


  10. I love using my bookstagram photos on my blog!! It does look better and less generic when I do that… but also it’s nice to have a 2nd use for those pictures instead of them just getting buried in my feed. My only problem is that if I don’t have a bookstagram photo already made, I’m usually too lazy to make one specifically to use on my blog. I love when people do it, but ughhh so much work!!


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