I love this anime so so much. And if you are wondering why you should watch it, I AM HERE FOR YOUR RESCUE.

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1.) I said so

This is probably the most important reason. you should always trust me since I AM THE SUPREME RULER OF ALL. I am using this phrase quite a lot with my family and now they are pissed off. #sorrynotsorry

Normal conversation between me and my illustrious brother-

Bro- *irritates me*

Me- Are you dumb?

Bro- *smirks* How do you know that?

Me- *cackles* I am the supreme ruler of all.

Bro- *hurries off to his room*

Me- *grins*

2.) The animation is gorgeous

I have watched a ton of animes, but really this one is beautiful. From the skating routines to just everything, I am in awe you all. *nosebleeds* it looks so beautiful, I cannot rave about it enough.





3.) Cinnamon Rolls

The three main characters, Victor, Yuri and Yurio are just so adorable, you want to squish them in a hug. Victor is the 5 time Grand Prix champion, Yuri has just been defeated in his first Grand Prix, and Yurio is just going to start his senior debut. All of these characters have instagrams, normal phones and it feels so so real unlike other animes where technology isn’t really present in abundance.

4.) The music

if you haven’t listened to the theme song, you can do that here. the music for the skating routines, just all the music for all the contestants is FANTASTIC. I have been obsessed with the theme song and listen to it like 100 times a day. You should definitely listen to it, since I have great music sense. (Di? Remember something XD)

5.) Maccachin

I prefer cats to dogs, but this poodle has ruined my life! HE IS JUST SO ADORABLE AND SQUISHY AND HUGABLE. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

eekI told you so.

6.) A canon gay relationship

Victor and Yuri are adorable, but when get together, it IS PURE AWESOME. I will just torment you with some Gifs cuz i am like that.


Anyways, I was bored and this was a really short post! Please please watch this show, IT IS THE BEST. I watched 6 episodes on my Birthday and it was immediately 1000% better!

I love this show so much, I am thinking that I might even re watch it. I never re watch stuff peoples. This says something.  NOW WE JUST NEED SEASON 2!!!! *nosebleeds*



23 thoughts on “REASONS TO WATCH YURI!!! ON ICE

  1. OMG YES, YURI ON ICE!! I am obsessed and I’m glad I’m not the only one so I am suepr happy about your post 🙂 I am currently halfway through my third re-watch and I just can’t get enough! These characters are all so amazing and adorable – I can’t decide who I love most because it changes so often. They are all such cinnamon rolls. I LOVE the main trio, and I also adore Phichit and Otabek ❤ And I'm playing the soundtrack right now as well #obsessed. It's actually the first anime I watched in like 15 years but now I need more. Do you have any other anime recommendations to watch until we (hopefully) get a second season of Yuri On Ice?


    1. Yes thanks! I really want to re-watch it soon… waiting for time. (which never comes ahem) I have a tough time picking my favourite too! EVERYONE IS THE BEST I CANNOT CHOOSE. Phichit is hilarious! Remember when they were in China and Victor was drunk and Phichit posted a picture on his instagtam, that was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. And I need a second season like, yesterday. Oooh you can try Death Note! I really enjoy that one. My friend loves Attack On Titan but I haven’t started that one. Again, time. 😦


  2. I think someone else mentioned this show once! I mean, they mentioned an anime with ice skating, I feel like there probably aren’t that many of those? Lol. I’ve never watched anime, but if I were going to, I’d probably try this one since the ice skating does look gorgeous. And aww, their relationship does look cute! And I’m enjoying this theme song. If only I had a way to watch it :-/


    1. It must be this one! There aren’t any else… you should definitely check it out since it is amazing ❤ Oh you can get a free 14 day trial on Crunchyroll. I watch all of my anime there. there are just 12 episodes in this show, so even if you manage an episode a day, you will be good! 🙂


      1. YES! So glad you love Haikyuu too! it’s our favourite sports anime ❤ Victor is so amazing 🙂 If you're interested, we've nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award, which you can find out about here Need to finish Yuri on Ice!


  3. STAHP or you might actually make me watch it hahaha I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO YOU KNOW. OMG I can’t even resist anymore. Tons of people on Bookstagram are talking about it too. I used to watch a ton of animes and then I stopped AND NOW I’M PROBABLY GOING TO GET SUCKED BACK IN. I have a total of ZERO self control.


    1. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. LEAVE THOSE OTHER THINGS. 😄 It is really popular though! (actually I started watching it and then EVERYONE is talking about it. I AM A BOON TO THIS WORLD) 😛 Omg why did you stop? They are awesome! But I can only ever concentrate on one thing, be it movies, TV, music, anime, books, blogging, or studying. MY SCHEDULE IS A MESS, I KNOW.


      1. Haha welp. I have now been binge watching it for the last 2 days so THANKS FOR THAT. WELL I started because my sister was really into them and she pretty much loves all things Japan, and then…I don’t know I just kind of stopped and then I moved out and now I’m trying to concentrate more on my reading and writing haha 😄


  4. I’ve seen so many people talking about this on twitter and I’M VERY KEEN TO TRY IT SOMEDAY! I haven’t actually ever watched any anime though!? So maybe this would be a good place to start.😂 It looks adorable omg!


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