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Ahoy guys! Hope you are having a great day! Today I will be talking about the SEVEN tropes I cannot tolerate anymore or I will spontaneously combust. (My Chemistry teacher is proud y’all)

I cannot tell you how much I hate tropes. They suck my soul and I am left as only a blob of flesh and blood. (This is getting graphic, sorry sorry)

I just feel like that up to one extent it is FINE. But YA is getting so repetitive lately, and I just cannot anymore.



I do not believe in love at first sight. it seems unrealistic and shitty and cringy to me. Okay, let us take another realistic approach. Maybe you see someone and you instantly love them. (this is obviously lol worthy again)  BUT THEY WON’T LIKE YOU BACK OKAY SHUT UP. Maybe mutual insta-lust is okay, (not really) BUT INSTA LOVE SHOULD BE ERASED FROM EARTH AND MARS AND ALPHA CENTAURI. (Now my Physics teacher is proud) Insta-love honestly is the cheapest way to do romance. If you are including it, you rather just stop writing romance and disappear.

rolling eyes


This whole concept is just full of shit. You can very obviously love multiple people at once, but YOU CANNOT LOVE THEM EQUALLY OKAY STFU. (I am the love guru) Many YA books suffer from this trope and it honestly needs to stop. I once heard a Booktuber say that it is okay that love triangles are included since no one has only one love interest and it is realistic, BUT love triangles mean equally loving more than one person at once which causes the MC distress. Yup. This is the truth.

which brings me to-


Nooooooo. Nopes. Just no. I cannot handle this anymore. YOU DO NOT MARRY YOUR FIRST BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND OKAY??? OKAY.


To be honest, the only books I like with this trope are Cassandra Clare ones. Other ones??? Mehhh. The hero behaves like ABSOLUTE TRASH and all the MC can think is that she is attracted to him. Think about global warming. IT is ATLEAST A BIGGER ISSUE THAN YOUR LOVE LIFE GOSH DANGIT. And when the tragic story isn’t even tragic, it is just pure shitty, my eyes get tired FROM ALL OF THE EYE ROLLING. We are actually supposed to cry and feel bad for the hero whereas I am here laughing. Oops. That didn’t go as well as the author planned.


I don’t really need to explain here, do I??

Sorry Watson shheeshh



6.) THIS PERSON IS DEAD! okay not really

These get to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME. It’s like all the authors are already tormenting us, but they bring the character back to life!!! You think I should be happy right? But I am not. This gets so frustrating. I am literally mourning the death of my baby but HE/SHE IS ALIVE AND ALL OF MY TEARS WENT IN VAIN AND MY BOOK IS STAINED AND MY FACE IS FULL OF SNOT. Whyyyyyyyy??????????????????????? (just so that the authors can drink the tears of their readers. I honestly think this is how they get energy)


This. Oh god this. It is the icing on the cake for unrealistic tropes. Other people in that world train for literal years, but the heroine? She is the best, so obviously she can learn everything in a few weeks and be the best as always! *cough* Clary Fray *cough*

done f

As much as I like some tropes (like hate to love, slow burn, friends to lovers) everything in excess is not good for yer health. Even books.

Stay healthy and strong y’all.

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Tell ME- (yay I changed the graphic ;P) Do any tropes trouble you? Do you hate any tropes on this list? (of course you do. I can do no wrong)



  1. ^^^^^THIS. Omg all of these tropes are on my top ‘shame-list’ for books (😂) Instalove is just so freakin annoying and makes you lose any feels you could have had for that ship. And why is romance depicted so unrealistic in novels?? Yeah I ain’t gonna get my feelings answerd just because I get a crush on a guy, and definitely won’t stay with them for the rest of my life if we do get together. Plus, if a guy treated me like shit and then proclaimes he ‘loved me’… just no nope no.

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    1. LOL ‘top shame list’ I think I need to make one now.
      Romance is nothing but unrealisticness. (is this even a word? Who cares)
      I think the main reason for that is that no one has a fairy tale romance in like their teen years LOL @ EVERYONE
      If a guy does that in real life, he is probably gonna get slapped by me HARD. #fightme

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      1. OF COURSE. WELCOME TO THE ELLA AND PRABHLEEN FIGHT UNREALISTICNESS FAM. Also omg are you always online XD?? How do you find the time lol I can hardly post, reply to comments, blog hop. WHY IS LIFE SO TOUGH WHY

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      2. Hahahah naah just that I have the app so I see my notifications 😉 Don’t post that mich either though, wished I had more time (especially now during my exams) :/// *in cliché drunkard voice* YEAH LIFE AIN’T EASY

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    Love your post
    see, I am this very rare snowflake LOL because insta-love and love triangles don’t extra bother. They bother me some. but not extra. I do think they happen often in RL maybe that’w why I quasi tolerate the 😛
    The broody, moody, guy that ALSO treat the girl like trash and the idiot falling for him
    THAT hurts my feminist soul VERY BADLY UGH

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  3. I don’t understand why authors still keep using instalove??? I also think we need more stories where the MC doesn’t end up with the first person she ever dates. Ok, yeah, it might happen on rare occasion in real life, but it’s rare! Most people do not spend the rest of their lives with their first boyfriend/girlfriend! I like when I find books that acknowledge that.

    I also have an entire post written (but not posted yet) about tragic backstories lol. Sometimes they’re just so cliche.

    The dead-not-dead thing bothers me too! Except, for me, it’s because it has now ruined all character deaths for me. Anytime a character dies, I now wait and don’t let myself get sad because I don’t want to get emotional if there’s no reason to. It’s like the boy who cried wolf kind of scenario. I no longer believe it. But then if they really are dead, I just missed my chance to mourn and feel emotion, which then upsets me as a reader because I want to feel emotion!

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    1. I can’t either 😄 It is exceptionally rare, and I just read A Quiet Kind Of Thunder and IT ACKNOWLEDGED THAT FACT and I was legit like bless the author. 😄
      Ahh I cannot wait for your post! I am here to rant about tragic heroes.
      I think I can get your scenario too! It just. WHY DO AUTHORS DO THIS HONESTLY?


  4. OMG gurl!! I’m laughing like a maniac and I absolutely love your choice of gifs 😛 😛 I swear all of the above need to be done away with already!! The whole tragic backstory thing is super annoying and how the heroine always discovers that she’s a special snowflake and is the future queen of someplace? Like WUT? Also the guys treating girls like trash coz LURVEEE! The author should freaking pick up the dictionary and understand the meaning of love. AMAZING POST GIRL!! YOU MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!! 😀 ❤


    1. Aww thank you Uma!
      Now you have reminded me of special snowflakes and that QUEEN of someplace. JUST DO NOT get me started on how much I hate those ones too.
      I am always here to lend out dictionaries, so if you have any author in mind lemme know 😄
      Thank you so much again ❤


  5. that last one is my most HATED trope of all time, and is the main reason why I don’t read much urban fantasy because it seems to be full of hidden worlds that our wonderfully gifted main characters can sweep in and break all previous rules/expectations in that world. I am so done with it.

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  6. Haha, some of these I really hate too! Although I don’t hate “tropes” in general, because literally everything is a trope…it just depends how it’s done. And often things ARE really repetitive and totally frustrating arghh. I hate love triangles and instalove too and it really peeves me when the hero(ine) gets super good at weapons or whatever in like 2 days. Pfft. You can’t even learn to run properly in 2 days.😂 Where do they get all these athletic skills when before they were just doing homework and eating cookies all day?!? I HAVE QUESTIONS.😂 I love tragic hero backstories though!!😂

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    1. Yeah, I get what you are trying to say, but I am tired of these clichés.
      I know right? How can you learn something so easily? Everything takes time and patience. And you obviously cannot learn how to run in two days lol
      I am glad you like tragic hero backstories! I only like it if it is done 100000% well.


  7. Ohh love this list – I spot here so many tropes I don’t really enjoy either, such as the insta-love, which always seems a bit unrealistic to me just as well – and love triangles, I don’t believe you love each person equally either. And the “I’m mean but I love you”…well…. just… NO.

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  8. OMG LOVE TRIANGLES THOUGH!!!!! They needed to stop like ten years ago! YA needs a whole new set of romance tropes. I mean, adult romance has like a bazillion!? YA is stuck in some deluded past, when it comes to love triangles. -_- And #7 too – I had that issue in a book I just read! It’s so frustrating. The only one I don’t completely mind is insta-love — I don’t like it and I don’t prefer it, but meh, it’s not the worst thing out there. Like love triangles. Or DUMB miscommunication. Or cheating. Or non-loyalty. *rages*

    Great post, Prabhleen! Have a wonderful week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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    1. I knowwwwwwww. I also know how much you hate them hahaha. I haven’t ever really read any adult romance, so lemme stalk your blog for recs. (lol)
      Now you have also reminded me of those tropes!! ungh why do they even exist?


  9. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles. Instalove either usually, although I DO feel like love at first sight (or some variation) does happen to some people. And of course insta lust does too lol. But love at first sight- while it’s not my favorite trope by any means I can accept it if done right. whatever that is. :):)

    #3 I TOTALLY agree. Happy ever after w/ the FIRST person you meet or fal for? I guess it happens but doesn’t seem like a good idea?? #5 too- please!! I can’t stand it when someone mistreats the other but really loves them. Sigh. How dumb. And yeah- dead/ not dead. that’s another eye roll.

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    1. Lol I cannot with insta-love and love triangles no matter how hard I try.

      My feminist soul just dies when the hero is a piece of trash but the heroine is in WUV with him. No. Just no. Stop it already.


  10. This post is EVERYTHING! I’m so with you on all of the ones about romance. Why do so many authors have such a hard time painting a realistic portrait of romance? Triangle and Insta-Love especially drive me crazy. If I hear in advance that either one is in a book, I’m much less likely to read that book because I know it’s just going to annoy me.


  11. Great post Prabhleen!
    YAS to pretty much all of these! I especially hate insta-love (it DOESN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE! I love me some romance, but I need a bit of realism in it. Just a bit…) and love triangles (The only love triangle I liked is the Will-Tessa-Jem one), guys treating girls like crap to ‘hide their feelings’ and the heroine who is new to a world and learns everything in a day (at least in movies there is the cliché montage so we at least feel like some time has passed…)
    I love-hate when people come back from the dead because it can’t be overdone (and again, DOESN’t HAPPEN IRL), but when it’s one of my fave characters not being dead after all, I’m all cheering and happy again 🙂
    (Also, yay for that Watson GIF <3)

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    1. Thank you Lindsey!
      Insta-love is the death of me. If I am being really honest, I didn’t like the Will-Tessa-Jem one either.
      Yes I feel like it is better in movies, but how do you show a montage in books? 😄
      (Watson is honestly the best)


  12. OKAY, I admit it, I’m always secretly happy when the character comes back to life…but that’s only because I’m soft and they’re so lovable. Also, I HATE it when there’s only one romance option. I think that’s why I dislike a lot of romance in YA, because the author’s like, “Haha yeah these teens are gonna spend the rest of their lives together” and I’m always like, “What if they go to different colleges?? Or want a different amount of kids?? Or realize they have different long term plans?? Or just kind of grow apart??” I’m a pessimist, but I wish YA would acknowledge the fact that there’s more to love than just a feeling- it’s a constant effort of making compromises and growing together instead of apart.

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  13. I feel like you just described the basic plot elements of 62% of the Young Adult section. In other news, I am reminded why I was turning off my formerly favorite subgenre. *wipes resentful tear* Though to be fair, my dad was my mom’s first boyfriend…then again, they just completed a messy divorce after 23 years so forget that. Yeah…DOWN WITH ALL THESE TROPE-Y EVILS!!!

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  14. Argh, dudes that treat girls like sh** but are somehow still the hero are sooooo annoying!

    And obviously bigoted tropes goes without saying.

    Other than that? I think if the tropes done *well* it can be ok – or if it’s done differently. But let’s face it, a lot of the time, it’s not done well!

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  15. TEE HEE! This had me giggling a bit! Mostly because I agree with a lot of them, but if it is done well, I don’t usually mind! If you think about it nothing is wholly ORIGINAL these days, but I do despise the whole ‘I’M AN ASS. No wait I’m not I was just acting like one because YOU CAN NEVER KNOW YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME’
    And also amen to the Insta-Love and Love triangles! WORST THING EVAAAAHHH
    BUT. I do have to disagree with you about the dying but not dead??? Because like…somehow the fact that you are ugly crying and getting your pages waterlogged is GOOD????? BECAUSE THE AUTHOR WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU FEEL THAT MUCH. Haha. So. DEBATABLE hahaha. Anyways awesome list 😀

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    1. Lol I am glad you found this post funny because I cackle while reading all of yours! OHMG I AM ASS I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS but I cannot tolerate this. My feminist soul just dies?
      How can you let your book get dirty? I freak out over it so that’s bad. But I get emotional at everything so lol


  16. I’m actually a big fan of certain tropes, as long as the author executes them well or adds a unique twist. I love a good “girl disguised as a boy” trope in SFF stories, for example. But I definitely see what you mean here: a lot of these are present in YA contemporaries and YA fantasy. The worst offender you’ve listed imo is insta-love, which is so annoying and bleh. WHY DO AUTHORS DO THIS?!

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    1. Yes! That’s the same for me!
      I really like that one! (although I highly doubt I have read a book with it lol)
      I read a lot of YA fantasy and Contemporary so it just gets to me because THERE IS LEGIT NO ORIGINALITY WHATSOEVER.


  17. Instant love is a big one for me because authors seem afraid of creating characters that are attracted to one another and in lust. It sends a message to teens that there’s only one way to have a relationship and that’s falling into a deep infatuation and madly in love. Of course it happens and that attraction may feel all consuming but love isn’t typically so instantaneous. It’s one of the few tropes that annoy me, along with arrogant male characters treating their love interests poorly.

    You’ve made me angry too now Prabhleen. Absolutely brilliant post, super entertaining ❤

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  18. YA has always been repetitive! 🙂 you just.. have been reading too much of it 😀 give it a break, read something else. You’ll start missing it 🙂

    Most of what you mention is actually the reason I have avoided YA like wildfire up to this year. Then I joined all of you bloggers, and you’ve shown me some GOOD YA. But I still don’t read a lot of it… just… scarred for life 😀

    I don’t like insta-love, but what I hate more is that, it seems, EVERY protagonist NEEDS to have a love interest to fulfill her. Can we have a YA book without redeeming romance please? I’d read that.

    You’d be surprised to find that tragic backstories are NOT JUST A YA trope 🙂 it’s quite popular. Even in video game stories!

    5,6,7 are really good xD

    I also hate the fact that they have no physicality, you know? Somehow, the heroines never have leg/body hair problems. Despite the fact that 88% of the world’s women do. And like… 99% of humans have armpit hair (sorry for being gross). But really! It’s just… so annoying! Then, THEY NEVER STINK OR SWEAT. Hell, they don’t even get oily hair!!! I mean everyone gets oily hair!! EVENTUALLY!!! Grah. I’m just gonna fume here, so I will now stop 😀


  19. You are definitely right about the male lead treating the female protagonist like garbage. Books wants me to believe that if they suddenly get physically intimate and enjoy it, he can treat her like trash. If he suddenly apologizes and tries to “justify” his ill behavior, it’s okay that he treated her poorly. Nope. Why can’t the heroine just find someone who respects her? She doesn’t have to put up with this!


  20. Oh God yeah, 1 and 2 and ALL OF THE ABOVE. Dear authors, we know they sell but that doens’t mean you only have to write these things?!


  21. Insta-love is bad – however there’s some that are labelled as instalove that I can cope with. I don’t know – it depends on the book and how the author handled it! My own experience as a YA enabled me to see how you can fall in love over a very short period of time depending on the quality of interactions.

    Love triangles – UGH. Need I say more?

    Okay – heroes with tragic backstories? That’s a whole lot of them and I really love a lot of them! Again, it depends how it’s done! I’m a sucker for a tragic story. 🙂

    Yeah – #5. That’s a terrible cop out.

    Also #7 – special snowflakes don’t really do it for me! But don’t be hating on Clary!!! 😉


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