Hello everyone! 🙂
I know it’s been a very long time, I will explain everything in my next post.

I have to post this real quick because the dead line for the reviews is TOMORROW!! and coincidentally I am going to a trip to the hill stations to hike and then to a National Park with my family tomorrow so that will be fun.

Disclaimer- I was provided these books to read for free through Xpresso Book Tours, however, all opinions stated are entirely my own and in no way influenced.

with that out of the way, here are my reviews for the trilogy!



I am so wonderfully surprised by this book like?

Firstly, I want to give a shoutout to Lindsey because it was her reviews that made me interested in this series.

And to Di because of who I came to know about Xpresso Reads giving review copies and which made me request the same.

If it weren’t for you two I would never have picked these books up, so thank you!


•Firstly, this book is the most original thing I have ever read. It kind of reminded me of the manga Kamisama Hajimemashita (which is wonderful, by the way, and Tomoe is a fox yokai so he kinda reminded me of Shiro. I am behind on that so excuse me.)

•Annette Marie knows her writing game. The world building is fantastic, and the dialogue was wonderful as well. I am excited to read her other series and she is publishing a new series this Fall too! Needless to say, I am going to read all of her books when I get the time.

•I don’t know if you know, but I watch a lot of anime. And anime are made in Japan. I always was on the lookout for a YA book set in Japan, and this was perfect! I think this would make a wonderful anime.

•Another thing which makes this series really stand out is the gorgeous illustrations. This is why it will make such a wonderful anime/manga!! Someone cater to my needs, please?

•I loved the character development of Emi. In the start, she is just another kamigakari, but I loved seeing her grow.

•The secondary characters are amazing as well. Yumei is definitely my favourite in the whole series. He is just so sassy and I love him. I really liked Shiro’s character too, and I am intrigued by him, but I don’t love him. I just don’t know why?? The most underappreciated character is Katsuo. I love him so much! He is always there to help and support Emi and is a wonderful friend, and that’s what I enjoyed.

•The action sequences and scenes were really good and well written. Everything flowed seamlessly in the action scenes which was wonderful!


•I am a huge romance lover, as you may know? I really hoped there would be more Shiro x Emi moments 🙂 🙂

•The plot and pace was really slow in the start. I get it, it was a buildup for everything, but I am in a huge slump since November (as you may know?) so it’s kinda painful for me to read slow books.

Overall Thoughts- I really enjoyed this book, as it was very unique and gave me an anime feel. Definitely recommended if you want a unique fantasy! Just make sure to keep the sequel ready since it’s a cliffhanger lol


32605659This one was even better than the first one.

Firstly, it’s just filled with action, and it’s more fast-paced than the first book.
Also, the illustrations are so gorgeous and made me drool over my Kindle. Lol XD


•It picks right up where the first one left. I like this kind of sequels the best because if it starts after weeks/months then the author starts explaining what happened in the time span which gets really tedious for me as a reader.

•As I said above, it’s so much more fast paced and filled with action than the first book. THIS IS VERY GOOD FOR MY SLUMP.

•The stakes get so much more higher and it’s fantastic.

•Annette Marie’s writing is amazing. It is not overly done, but yet it makes me feel all the emotions.

•Please just read these books for the banter! Yumei is my absolute favourite <33

•Emi’s character development is top notch. Her growth from the first book is wondrous.

•I love the new character editions and the new secondary characters. As they say, the more the merrier! (Lol)


•I don’t know precisely what I disliked, but I just had this feeling that I wanted more. More in every sense.

•It didn’t really give me a five star feel?

Overall Thoughts- It’s even better than the first one, and highly recommended if you enjoyed the first book!


32862986I8If I am being really honest, this book felt really really flat for me.

I blame my goddamned slump for this.

I kept putting this off till Thursday and then I realised that the deadline for the reviews was soon, so I had to stress read it. 😦

I did enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, but I am a disappointed pile on the floor right now.

Also, the ARC didn’t have the illustrations which made me mad 😦


•I have mentioned it over and over again, but I love the sass and banter in this series. I really do hope we get a spin-off of Yumei since he’s my absolute favourite.

•The stakes get so so real!!! I said this in my review for the previous review too, but I can’t not mention it.

•I love all the new characters!

•Katsuo is my second favourite after Yumei. He’s such a good friend and is always there for Emi no matter what.

•I don’t really have much to say? This is why sequel reviewing is tough. I think you should just add the things I liked in the first two books here.


•I don’t know why, but I feel like I have been let down. I was expecting so much more from well, everything, but I did not get anything of that sort. Can’t say since spoilers!

•I feel like there was too much add up to the climax scene, but it got over in just a few pages? I was honestly expecting so much more.

•I didn’t enjoy the romance. I wanted so much more, and more Emi x Shiro scenes but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Overall Thoughts- I enjoyed this series, don’t get me wrong, but I was just wanting so much more that I ended up getting really disappointed in the end. I feel it’s me, not you. If you enjoyed the previous books, you will surely love this finale, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. Mehhh.

image2 (3)Have you read these books? did you enjoy them? did you miss me? (I know you did XD)



  1. THESE COVERS ARE AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. 😍 And I’m permanently scared of finales because they always seem to let me down too! But I’m glad it was overall a delicious read. And did you say SASS?!? I need to check them out further for suuuure.😍

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  2. I was soooooooooo happy

    a) to see that you’ve posted again! I was worried you left the blogosphere just to bookstagram! (your photos are beautiful by the way!)

    b) that THIS is the series you have reviewed now that you’re back! 🙂

    Thanks for the shoutout – Lindsey also made ME interested in the series (so much!) and I’m so so so so happy that I requested it because it’s seriously one of my all time favourites.

    Yes to super original – I LOVED that about it.

    And I too am going to read all of Annette Marie’s books! I bought the first in the Steel & Stone series and now just have to find the time to read it!

    I have never read manga or really watched anime but I think I am missing out!

    The friendship between Katsuo and Emi WAS really awesome and I really enjoyed reading a book that celebrated that sort of friendship to the end.

    I really enjoyed all the books in the series so I’m sad that you had to stress read the final installment!

    I liked the conclusion and thought it was well done but I was just so sad to leave this world! That was really my only disappointment – that it had to be over!

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  3. Ahhh, Prabhleen, I am happy to see you back on the blog! We missed you 🙂 And you’re back with a Red Winter series review even, which makes me even more happy!
    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m just happy that you enjoyed this series overall 😉
    OMG, Yumei is definitely one of my favorite characters as well! He’s so dry and sassy and I love it. A Yumei spin-off would rock!
    And Katsuo was definitely an underrated character! He was such a good friend and I only wish he had a bit of a bigger role in the last book but then I’m not sure if he could have done much more without any special powers. Still loved his interactions with Emi though.
    I’m sorry to hear you had to rush through the final book while in a reading slump though! Reading slumps can make even the best book dull and boring (at least my slumps can have that effect), so maybe that did have an effect! But still, so glad to hear you loved the series overall 🙂

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  4. Welcome back! It’s good to see you posting again! I’ve been eyeing this trilogy for a while now after seeing it reviewed on another blog, and I’m even more intrigued by it after reading your reviews of each book. And wow, aren’t those covers stunning?!

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  5. I really enjoyed Annette Marie’s Steel & Stone series, but I haven’t read this one. I’ve heard great things though, and it sounds really interesting, and I’m glad to hear there were so many things you liked about it! Sorry the last book was a disappointment, but I think I may still have to give this series a try!

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  6. girl! welcome back! I was wondering. I’m not very much into Anime and lately series have been letting me down too, and wanting more too so I know what you mean 🙂 hope everything is ok with you. Looking forward to finding out on your next post 🙂


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