That’s me face. Okay really, you can just see one eye,¬† one ear and my hair but try harder next time. ūüėĄ I suck at writing about pages, so I will just¬†tell you some random things about me.¬†(I am usually interesting, so you won’t be bored)

1.) I live in India, and getting YA books here is tough business. I usually buy my books from Amazon, since I live for discounts.

2.) I am really lazy, and I wake up at 10:30 on holidays. (in my defense, I wake up at 6:00 when I have school.)

3.) I love books more than anything in my life, and it is one of two things that I am really passionate about. If you are wondering, the other is History. (world History to be precise)

4.) I love mythology so¬†so much¬†and my favourite has to be Egyptian mythology. I have so many books about it, and I will obsess about it forever. I love mummies, and I want to know more about them and other mysteries of Ancient Egypt. I really wanted to become an archaeologist and discover some tombs and mummies of Royalty which people haven’t found yet, but my dad told me that it would take me like 30 years to obtain a permit for excavating there, so I just dropped that idea. (maybe he was kidding, dunno)

5.) More on Number 4, I really want to visit the world. The main places on my list are Egypt (obviously), Scotland and Wales (Will Herondale is Welsh, I swear that’s not the only reason), Whole WORLD IN GENERAL OKAY I WANT TO SEE EVERYTHING.

6.) I have millions of fictional crushes, but my top ones are Will Herondale (surprise!), Julian Blackthorn, Mark Blackthorn (okay all Shadowhunters except Jace XD) Also, Dorian and Chaol from ToG, Kai from TLC, Finch from All the Bright Places, AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS.

7.) All my life, I have been drinking tea but from the past couple of years I have become a coffee addict. I CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THESE TWO.

8.) I made my blog since I read The Raven Boys, it was a phenomenal read AND I HAD TO TALK ABOUT MY FEELS SOMEWHERE.

9.) My favourite authors include Marissa Meyer, Holly Bourne, Cassandra Clare (the QUEEN), Maggie Stiefvater, J.K Rowling, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff amongst others.

10.) I love learning new languages, but I don’t really have time. I know three languages, Hindi, (my mother tongue) English, and German. (I am not really fluent and I learn it in school, but whatever.)

11.) I love to dance and sing. I love singing in different languages (I have a lowkey obsession with different languages)

12.) You can find me on Goodreads here.

If you want to chat with me, or know more about me, or just want to say a simple Hello, you can do that by visiting the Contact Me page or send a message on Goodreads! I am a nice person (usually.)